December 1, 2014

Dogpatch cafe & gallery, Arc Studios, ZK Gallery, a.Muse Gallery, George Lawson Galler, Arttitude, Tyler Wood Gallery, Stephen Tourell Projects, 1890 Bryant st. Studios




an exhibition of digital decay 

this show gave me oxygen.  Fantastic prints of various digitally generated information: 3d renderings, mapped materials on virtual objects, photoshoped collaged images, various digital media in an awesome glitchy way with the separated .



Nov8 / Arc Studios - "Dark" jurried show

there was an overabundance of color black, in fact every piece of art at the show was either black, white or both.  it felt as a missed opportunity.  it felt as thought the organizers just took their own task too literally.  I felt quite in place, when wearing just the right color combination clothing.



NOV13 / ZK Gallery / 

eclectic yet interesting in a good modernist painting tradition.


Nov.15 / a.Muse Gallery / artist - Alex Garcia

wood field paintings, design, great craftsmanship, are these field paintings?  Field stainings that are cut into, chizeld into, perfeclty delineated, steel connectors that are driven deep into the wood.


Nov15 / George Lawson Gallery / Exhibition 43 / Michael Voss

paintings of Michael Voss, small-scale oils on linen


Nov 15 / Arttitude /

individual pieces are quite engaging and are good complementary objects.


Nov 21, Tyler Wood Gallery

Gallery's direction in showing conceptual work is pretty awesome.  Complementary color paintings of the classical impressionist work, like Renoir, Matisse, Monet and sculpture work by the same artist.  Most likely inspired by LeCorbusier's cube of 6 column grid.


Nov15 / Stephen Tourell Projects / 855 Folsom St

photographs from around the world.  beautiful photographs.  I think this is someone's appartment, turned into an alternative gallery space



Nov2 / 1890 Bryant st, Open Studios - paper artist sculptress

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